"This is such a great product that I also sell it in my office for my patients!"

"I highly recommend Suzy-Q's Skin Rehab Ointment for dry and irritated skin such as eczema. My son had two patches, one on each arm. I was using coconut oil on it. The patches would improve but never go away. Some days were worse than others, but they were always red, dry and itchy. He would scratch so hard at times it would bleed. Then I was introduced to Skin Rehab. I wanted to see how well it worked, so before my son went to bed, I applied coconut oil on one arm and Skin Rehab on the other. When he woke up in the morning they both had improved, but still not gone. The next night I did the same thing. When he woke up on the second morning, the patch with the coconut oil was still there and the patch on the arm with Suzy-Q's Ointment was gone! We continued to apply it at night for about a week after the patches were gone. It has been over two months since we stopped using the product and still no patches of eczema! This is such a great product that I also sell it in my office for my patients! This product is not only effective, but it's organic and leaves the harsh chemicals out of the body."

~ Dr. Nicole Wilbraham, Shelby Township, MI

"Suzy-Q's Muscle & Joint Relief is the BEST!"

"I am scheduled to have hip replacement surgery and have a lot of pain in my hip joint and thigh muscle. I rub Suzy-Q's Muscle & Joint Relief on both areas every night, and the pain is gone all night. It has been the only way I can sleep because it takes away the pain. I have tried a lot of other muscle creams, but Suzy-Q's is the best. It works quickly and lasts a long time. I also like using it because the ingredients are almost all organic and I don't have to worry about chemicals going into my skin. I recommend this salve to anyone with muscle pain."

~ Carol S., Sterling Heights, MI


"My skin has improved sooooo much now that I have made the switch."

"So I have to tell you that I am now obsessed with your products. I have literally always had oily skin that stays broken out AT ALL TIMES. I have tried everything. My skin has improved sooooo much now that I have made the switch. I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I have actually had a coworker tell me "wow your skin looks great" today. Holy crap. Me? Lol! Until now I have NEVER had a person comment on my skin looking clear and healthy! Last week a friend said "Wow your make up is so nice today!" Umm I literally had powder and a tiny bit of blush on. That is it! I told her, "Umm it's the skincare I don't even have 'make up' on!" Omg!!! I have even left the house last weekend twice without make up. (Another first!!!) My face is like 90% clear for the first time EVER. You are a freaking miracle woman and I am so in love with your products. They need to be everywhere and people need to know about this. I have told everyone I know that they need to try them ALL!!!!!!!" 

~ Rachelle, Howell, MI [via e-mail, regarding Whipped Coconut Moisturizer, Tea Tree]


"Every product I've used so far for my son and myself has knocked my socks off."

Every product I've used so far for my son and myself has knocked my socks off. I use the Bug Off, Skin Rehab Ointment and Sunscreen Stick on a daily basis, multiple times! I'm so happy I found something chemical free for my family and its local! Can't beat that!

~ Natty Lou, Warren, MI [via Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies Facebook Page]


"The wintergreen and peppermint combination helped immediately soothe the pain, I honestly could not believe it!"

"After suffering from painful and uncomfortable cramps for years I was really struggling to find something that would help ease the discomfort without taking pain pills (that didn't even help anyways). Suzy-Q's Muscle & Joint Relief changed my life!!! The wintergreen and peppermint combination helped immediately soothe the pain, I honestly could not believe it! I simply rubbed a little of it on my lower abdomen and instantly I felt it go to work! It soothed and calmed the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I have recommended it to all of my friends!! Thank you for this incredible product!! :) I have also used this on my neck/shoulder area. Due to the fact I am sitting and staring at a computer screen all day, and that my posture is not the best, I was having achy pains in my neck and shoulders. A little bit of this stuff helped relieve that pain and because it smells so good and is not greasy I don't have to worry about applying it at work throughout the day."

~ Jessica B., Warren, MI


"I am absolutely in love with this product!" 

I have been using Suzy-Q's Whipped Coconut Nourishing Cream for the past few months now and I'm absolutely in love with this product. I have tried all sorts of costly, high-end, moisturizing creams and none compare to how silky smooth this affordable product leaves my face feeling. It has evened out my skin tone as well. I apply it each night after gentle exfoliation and let the coconut and other essential oils absorb into my skin over night. Do your research ladies, coconut oil's anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties with Vitamin E make it an anti-aging "holy grail" moisturizer and repairer of skin damage!

~ Danica G. Livonia, MI


"This product has made one (or should I say two) happy customers."

"I was having problems finding an all natural product that would actually help in the "sexy time" department without leaving a mess afterwards. The Lovely Personal Lubricant is absolutely perfect!! It smells amazing and makes me feel so much better knowing that I am using all natural ingredients on my most sensitive areas. I would highly recommend this anyone, especially people who have skin sensitivities or don't feel comfortable applying chemicals created in a factory to personal areas. This product has made one (or should I say two) extremely happy customers!! Thank you!!! 

~ "Lane" / Royal Oak, MI


"...this stuff really helps me with what is sometimes awful pain."

I LOVE the Muscle and Joint Relief. I have bad knees and crazy legs (RLS) I continue to run etc while I still am blessed with the ability and this stuff really helps me with what is sometimes awful pain. Bonus: no horrible smell and no problems on my super sensitive skin. I even got some for my 83 year old grandparents for their arthritis pain and pain after a spinal surgery. Nothing but good reviews from them too.

~ Kristin A., Ray Township, MI


"... With just one application over my hands there were great improvements... The spots shrunk tremendously in size!"

I love this woman! She's doing amazing things with all the tools she has! She's putting all her heart and soul into helping and healing people naturally :) I have been fighting eczema flare ups the past 5-6 yrs (dermatologists, steroid ointments, oral meds nothing has helped) I tried the rehab ointment while camping last weekend - with just one application over my hands there were great improvements! No itching and burning like it was.....drying up the areas and the spots shrunk tremendously in size! What a relief! I also am enjoying the sun screen on us and my little boy! These products are awesome to have on hand plus without the harsh chemicals :) Give it a try because I know I will be a recurrent customer! Thank you Suzanne!

~ Erin W., Upper Sandusky, OH [via Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies Facebook Page]