Summer Combo: Bug-Off & Sunscreen Stick

$ 15.00 $ 16.00

Protect your skin with the dynamic summer duo: Bug-Off Mosquito Repellent and Suzy-Q's Sunscreen Stick.

Suzy-Q's Sunscreen Stick: Traditional sunscreens contain nano zinc oxide, which has smaller (nano) particles that are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Suzy-Q's Sunscreen Stick (say THAT three times fast) contains un-coated, non-nano zinc oxide in a quantity consistent with SPF of 30. Its larger particles sit on top of the skin, creating a safe sun barrier. Combine that with carrot seed essential oil (natural SPF of 38-40), organic raw shea butter (natural SPF of 6-10), and organic raw coconut oil (natural SPF 4-8), and you now have a natural, chemical-free sunscreen that is safe for everyone. Please be mindful when you're out in the sun until you determine how often you need to reapply based on your own beautiful skin tone.

Bug-Off! is a DEET-free, alcohol-free, chemical-free mosquito repellent made from 100% natural, plant-derived ingredients.